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Areas Of Focus

Areas Of Focus

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The Becoming Athletics is focused on the wellness of the entire person, while customized to the athlete. Through dedicated attention to the key areas of total wellness for athletes, our clients are seeing tremendous results mentally, physically, emotionally, and behaviorally

Mental Wellbeing


In a sports culture with a win at all cost mentality, many times who we are as a person is considered less important than who we are as an athlete. You are often times taught that the ends (winning) justify the means, which can include sacrificing your true authentic self and a balanced life. In extreme cases, you can become more of a product rather than a person, without even knowing it. As athletes, we need to look at understanding ourselves with and without the athlete identity in order to develop a healthy personal identity beyond our sport.


Transitioning out of our sport can be a difficult, complex, and confusing time for athletes. After all, you are losing the very thing that makes you “great” and that which you most love. You are likely to experience a grieving and identity foreclosure process that can lead to whole range of problematic thinking, emotional, and behavioral reactions. It can be a hit to the ego and to your sense of self as you experience a form of a “fall.” We want to be here to catch you, as well as work with you to discover yourself, new purpose, intrinsic value, passion, meaning, and flow, while embracing a long-term vision for life satisfaction apart from the athlete.

Stress & Emotional Regulation

Dealing with the stress of competitive dynamics can trigger a host of issues, including anxiety, perfectionism, panic attacks, depression, aggression, addiction, manic and high-risk behavior, financial irresponsibility, etc. As an athlete, you can be applauded or rewarded for the very thing that can cause you problems in your day to day life and relationships. Your inner state can be a side note to the alluring external reward and gratification system available to you, but when the game is over, the lights are off, and the audience is on to the next experience, are you able to find balance, contentment, and inner peace?

Attentional/Mindfulness skills development

Developing self-monitoring skills can help to maximize behavior, emotional regulation, awareness, communication, relationships, as well as peak sports performance. Learning to focus, pay attention, be in the now, reduce distractions, get clarity, increase your awareness and compassion for self and others, can help you succeed as an athlete and in other areas of your life.

Balanced mental health

As competitors, we are often disciplined and focused to be the best in our sport…but what is success/winning? What about the other areas in your life? Does your definition of success change over time? When attention is given to all the important areas of life, such as family, health, spiritual, as well as sport, then there is balance and a foundation that supports continuity and the integration of a healthy person.

Behavioral Balance

Peak sport performance

We are on the side of the athlete who wants to maximize his potential to perform at the highest level while maintaining a solid foundation for a healthy and balanced life. The skills that we train develop maximum mental focus, highest level of brain functioning, effective energy utilization, blending of heart, guts, and mental attention in their sport performance. Through our holistic approach that focuses on the person, we also help to minimize issues and distractions that can negatively impact your performance as an athlete.

Substance Abuse

Competition is filled with highs, lows, and in-betweens. With the intensity and the extreme pressure to perform, it can take a physical and mental toll and managing the complexity of the associated feelings can be a cause of stress, anxiety, and even depression. Substance abuse and addiction can slip in through the door almost invisibly via pain medications, overuse of alcohol, opioids, cannabis, etc. as a measure to cope with the demanding pressures of being an athlete or with the loss of losing your athlete identity.

Relational issues

Having a healthy circle of people you trust and working with them effectively is paramount to your success on and off the field. The athlete experience can generate an array of challenges when it comes to relationships with others. Together, we will help you work through issues that come up with your families, friends, representatives, romantic partners, coaches, and teammates, while applying healthy and effective communication and choices.

Behavioral performance/health

Behavioral performance is strongly connected to sport performance psychology, as well as living a balanced and healthy life. In fact, it is one of the most foundational rings on the ladder of sport performance success. Too many times poor behavioral performance and life choices derail an otherwise brilliant athletic career, hurting the player’s brand, earning potential, career endurance, and life in general.

“As you think, so shall you become.”

— Bruce Lee

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